Aviation Fuel Filtration

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Model SM100-5

Model SM100-5
  • Qualified to 5th Edition of EI 1581, Category M100
  • Cleanable & reusable
  • Superior water barrier
  • Designed to fit PECOFacet HCS & VCS housings

Teflon® Coated Screen Separator Cartridges 
5th Edition EI 1581 Qualified

PECOFacet SM100 Model 5 synthetic separator cartridges feature a specially developed treated hydrophobic media provides improved separation of fine water drops compared to standard Teflon™ screen. An ultrasonically seamed double tue of the synthetic screen is placed around an epoxy coated metal shell, then adhesive bonded to metal end caps with gaskets.

PECOFacet SM100 Model separators have the distinctive PECOFacet Velocigard which provides balanced flow of product throughout the cartridge. All metal components are treated to resist corrosion. Maximum recommended operating temperature is 240ºF (115ºC). For compatibility in extreme operating conditions, other gasket, adhesive and metal materials are available.

Standard Design Features

  • Cleanable and reusable
  • Superior water barrier
  • Max. recommended operating temperature: 240ºF (115ºC)
  • pH range from 5 to 9
  • Designed for balanced flow through cartridge
  • Flow direction: outside to in

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