Aviation Fuel Filtration

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EI 1581 Specifications


General Information

The EI 1581 are the specification for the design,  testing and performance of  Filter Separator vessels and  filter elements . it’s currently on its’ 5th Edition.

At the time of the 5-th edition was created the responsibility for  standards was under API(American Petroleum Institute). In 2010, the Energy Institute took over responsibility for the  standards which have been previously described as API 1581 or API/EI 1581. Now we should refer to those standards as EI 1581.

Commercial Aviation

The use of the current edition of the 5th Ei1581 is regulated by organizations which are actively involved in creating the regulation and defining requirements in regards to aviation transportation such as. ATA, JIG, IATA. In general we can say that the latest 5th edition of EI1581 is mandatory after 30th of July, 2008 in all the fuel handling operations regulated by those organizations.

Military Aviation
In NATO member countries, the regulations associated with the technical requirements for fuel filtration are regulated by NATO standards that are ratified by each member country. The current set of those NATO standards are based entirely on 5th Edition of EI 1581. The Filter/Water separator – elements configurations  for the military aviation should be qualified to 5th Edition of EI 1581 Class M or M100.