Aviation Fuel Filtration

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Changing to different manufacturer's filter elements


Switching from currently used elements to elements made by a different manufacturer does not require any procedural action on part of the end-user. Based on information received from the end-user in regards to separator/coalescer cartridges (manufacturer / model), the supplier / manufacturer selects coalescer and separator cartridges that meet the current parameters of the performance. The elements are made in standard diameters and length and can be used  interchangeably without any potential problems with the compatibility.

In case the end-user plans to use  new cartridge elements from a different manufacturer which in configuration with specific Vessel have been qualified to   a different definition of EI 1581 than the edition of currently used Vessel-Elements configuration, the supplier / manufacturer, based on information received from the end-user performs the qualification on the bases of the similarity and provides a new certified template with the indication of the qualification to the correct edition. More information about qualification to new Edition of the EI 1581, please check the Qualification Procedures to 5th Edition, EI 1581