Aviation Fuel Filtration

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PF-CDPI® Corrected Differential Pressure Indicator

PF-CDPI® Corrected Differential Pressure Indicator
  • Data storage for 2 years of operation
  • Downloadable data via USB connection compatible with MS Excel®
  • Automatic operation when flow detected
  • Calculation of the lifespan of the filter elements
  • Local shutdown fueling operations
  • Software key

Corrected Differential Pressure Indicator
For Aviation Filter/Water Separators & Monitors

The new Corrected Differential Pressure Indicator PF-CDPI calculates automatically the corrected differential pressure value in the cartridges of the filter/water separators and filter monitors from the actual differential pressure and flow input. Likewise, the device indicates the lifespan of the filter elements.

The high capacity of its internal memory enables the unit to store data for 2 years of operation. At the same time, all those values can be downloaded to a PC.

PECOFacet's PF-CDPI generates pre-alarms and alarms when the recorded values exceed the set limits (configurable pre-alarms for each installation). The alarm will also be generated if the corrected DP is 5 psi or more below the previous corrected DP reading (according to JIG guidelines).

The configurable data includes values such as multi-language, measurement units (psi, bar, KPa, USGPM, lpm, USG...), nominal flow, filter type and date of installation of new elements.

Information displayed on the screen includes: differential pressure (corrected, actual, initial corrected, finish corrected, average corrected, maximum corrected), batch number, flow rate, alarm status, date, time, date elements installed, limit date actual elements and limit date memory unload