Aviation Fuel Filtration

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Model FA

Model FA
  • EI 1590 qualified
  • 4.69 gallons (17.75 liter) per minute per inch of length
  • Retention ratings available in 1, 2 & 3 microns
  • Designed to fit PECOFacet M housings and MS SuperFlex housings

EI 1590 Qualified

PECOFacet Model FA microfilters offer superior filtration for removing ultra-fine solid contaminants such as rust, scale, granular and other types of solids from aviation fuel systems. They are designed to flow from the outside to inside and qualified at a rate of 4.69 gallons (17.75 liter) per minute per inch of length.

PECOFacet Model FA microfilters are manufactured using proprietary combinations of Micro Fiberglass and Cellulose to achieve the desired removal rating. The pleated filter media in the Model FA is supported by epoxy coated wire to ensure mechanical stability.


  • Synthetic media provides high efficiencies, superior strength and durability
  • One piece construction reduces downtime, cartridge change-out costs and eliminates filter bypass concerns
  • Retention ratings available in 1, 2, and 3 microns
  • All metal components are treated against corrosion.
  • Spirally wound core reduces weight resulting in lower freight costs

Standard Design Features

  • Flow rate: 4.69 (17.75 liter) gallon per minute/inch
  • Removal Efficiency: Effluent solids <0.15 mg/liter
  • Structural Strength: <72.5 psig

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