Aviation Fuel Filtration

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Our customers include refineries, aviation fuel distribution companies and companies in charge of maintaining the adequate quality of fuel in fuel tanks. Our offer includes a whole range of products by PecoFacet  manufacturer, global leader in the filtration products.

We offer a line of products applicable to all stages of the filtration process  from the refinery to the fueling the commercial and military aircraft and helicopters.


New Clients

We welcome new customers who already have an existing installations and use the filter cartridges from a different manufacturer than PecoFacet.

Our experience shows that the use of products from only one manufacturer is associated with higher purchasing cost  and higher maintenance costs. After many years of very close and often very costly of the end users with a single supplier / manufacturer, more and more users have been discovering  the financial advantages as outcome of using product from different manufacturers at different stages of the  aviation fuel filtration.

The widespread fear of meeting the documentation requirements / certification in case of switching to or using different manufacturers’ products simultaneously are unbiased. In most cases, this procedure is limited to obtaining information from the user about the currently used products and supplying the information by the supplier / manufacturer to the end user with other products, meeting the  performance of the products being in use as well as their qualification and the certified nameplate to the relevant edition of EI 1581 conducted on the basis of similarity regulated by specifications of EI 1550.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products and take advantage of our technical expertise and assistance we can offer in creating and updating documentation related to the qualifications of separation filters and filter elements.

We are always open to  assist you in technical consultations and providing the most optimal solutions to meet your specific needs.